There are a variety of loan programs available to nursing students. Please keep in mind that loans accrue interest and must be repaid either while attending school, after you graduate or after withdrawing from the university. Visit the Student Financial Aid website for more information on loans. If you would like to contact a financial aid counselor for assistance, you can do so through Buckeyelink.

Nursing Faculty Loan Program 
The Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) addresses the problem of a growing shortage of nursing faculty. The NFLP will help produce more faculty essential for schools of nursing to expand their capacity to increase enrollments. To be eligible for this loan program, a student must be in a doctoral program in nursing and enroll in additional coursework focused on teaching. Requirements include completion of Nursing 7530 and 7532 plus two courses in the College of Education from the following approved list: ESWDE 7727, ESEPSY 7403, EDUCST 7406, ESHESA 8552, ESEPSY 7404. The program has a cancellation provision for up to 85 percent of loan for recipients working full-time as nursing faculty for a period of four years. Twenty percent of the principal and interest may be canceled for each of the first, second and third year, and 25 percent may be canceled for the fourth year of full-time employment as nursing faculty. Please contact Megan at or call (614) 688-2191 for more information.