What is the Summer Institute for Discovering Nursing?

It is a four-day, interactive program for eligible high school students. This hands-on program enables students to explore nursing careers through hands-on activities, tours, panels and engagement with current faculty, staff and students!

What will I experience?

You will get an inside look at the life of a nursing student by:

  • Participating in skills labs
  • Interacting with state-of-the art, lifelike computerized patient simulators
  • Using stethoscopes, IVs and ventilators
  • Learning wound and infant care
  • Participating in roundtable discussions with College of Nursing faculty and students
  • Receiving special presentations from the College of Nursing faculty
  • Being introduced to the many career opportunities for nurses
  • Touring The Ohio State University campus, the James Cancer Hospital, the anatomy and body donation program and the College of Nursing
  • Engaging in ACT preparation
Why is ACT preparation a part of this program?

The College of Nursing wants to make sure that our participants are competitive for admission to both The Ohio State University and our college.

What if I'm already a senior or an admitted Ohio State Freshman?

Don't worry! You can participate in our Future Nurse program that offers similar experiences.

To be eligible to attend the Summer Institute for Diversity in Nursing, you must
  • Be a current (2016-2017 academic year) high school freshman, sophomore or junior
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better and a B or better average in math and science
  • Complete the application, including four short essays
  • Provide paper or electronic copies of your most recent report card and a transcript
How much does the program cost?

Full-cost scholarships are available based on financial need. Tuition is $250.

How do I apply?

**SPECIAL NOTE: If you submit an online application, you can submit .pdf copies of your transcript and report card at that time. If you don't have .pdf copies, that's okay! You can complete the application online and submit your report card and transcript in the mail to complete your application. 

Newton Hall 103, College of Nursing
The Ohio State University
1585 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

You MUST include a current transcript and a copy of your most recent report card to complete your application. Applicants accepted to the program will be notified in early May.