State of Health and Wellness

The program celebrated wellness across The Ohio State University. The address included updates about wellness efforts at Ohio State, highlighted the initiatives of Buckeye Wellness Innovators, announced the Wellness Leadership Awards and featured remarks from vice president for health promotion and chief wellness officer, Bernadette Melnyk, senior vice president for student life, Javaune Adams-Gaston and Susan Basso, senior vice president, Talent, Culture; Human Resources.

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2018 Wellness Leadership Award Recipients

The Wellness Leadership Award is given to a chair, dean, vice president, manager or supervisor who supports health and wellness activities in their respective unit. These individuals were nominated by their colleagues who appreciate their efforts of creating a culture and environment surrounding health and wellness. The recipients are rewarded funds to implement future health and wellness endeavors.


Executive Leadership Winners
Henry Mann, dean, College of Pharmacy

Every year we sit down with Dr. Henry Mann to discuss how we are going to tackle wellness. He comes to the meeting with an open mind and new ideas. He has helped to bring items like fresh fruit to the front office, water filling stations in place of old drinking fountains, and is always happy to help when we ask. We can't do what we do without the leader at the top saying it's okay. We want to say thank you in a really big way for his support for wellness in the college of pharmacy.


Jim McAuley, associate dean for academic affairs and professor, College of Pharmacy

As the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor, Jim McAuley has been a champion for wellness by leading. He helped to bring in a counselor so students have mental health support. He has worked on studies to show the effects of the wellness effort within the college. He leads a collaborative group that brings students and faculty/staff together to jointly work on wellness as a group instead of separately. Jim is actively engaged in leading wellness events and is supportive of others within the college with their wellness goals. Jim is a role model for leadership engaging in wellness.


Dr. Gregory Rose, dean and director for The Ohio State University at Marion

Greg Rose is incredibly supportive of the health and wellness initiatives on our campus and visible in doing so. Each autumn, he leads the kickoff lap for the Hit the Road with the Buckeyes and each day he can be found working behind his "standing desk". Greg often confers with the campus Wellness Innovators and last year matched the wellness grant money that we received to allow for more wellness programming. He is a strong advocate of sustainability and participates in community Earth Day events by joining local high school students in an environmental clean-up walk. Greg has been supportive in providing employees with sit/stand stations when they express interest in obtaining one. He encouraged and helped fund the Health Athlete Program, which was facilitated on the Marion campus. Greg strives to live everyday with a healthy and positive attitude. He is a strong leader who cares about and fosters well-being for members of his campus community.


Supervisor/Manager Leadership Winners

Karen Sharp is the director information technology clinical applications at the Wexner Medical Center. She participates in many wellness activities and encourages colleagues to participate as well. She is a great advocate for work/life balance, including a work/life balance goal on her team's P3. Karen focuses on the team's physical and emotional wellness, encouraging biometric screenings, the annual flu shot and inviting us to join in activities that she is participating in or that comes to her attention. Karen also plans team activities such as a puppy day, team healthy lunches, team building retreats, individual recognition at team meetings and team walks.


Megan Dugan is a senior project manager in the Office of Enrollment Services, and has been a strong and tireless advocate for wellness from her very first day in the office. Not only was she instrumental in establishing a "Health Hub" in the Student Academic Services Building -- a room featuring a walkstation desk, inspirational reading and even space for a little yoga -- but she also schedules walking meetings, and works to ensure that everyone on her staff strives for work-life balance.  She is deeply committed to principles of health and wellness and, in her role as a Buckeye Wellness Innovator, is always supportive of activities  that provide fun options to employees.  She demonstrates daily her concern for her staff members as people, and Enrollment Services is a more balanced, enjoyable place to work as a result.

Megan has the knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, lives a healthy lifestyle and is able to have a positive impact on everyone around her.


Mary Kerr works as an executive assistant in the College of Education and Human Ecology. She exemplifies an excellent role model for health and wellness. She is a Buckeye Wellness Innovator. She participates in the activities that are offered in the Y4PH and last year lead her team to a first place finish of the scarlet and gray team challenge. Mary rides her bike to work every day if the weather permits, even if it is raining and she has done this for many years. She often walks as part of her lunch time. She is a member of the Faculty/Staff Fitness Program. Mary is a cheerleader to others as they work to attain their goal to better health. She gently nudges us to take walks outside and to take care of ourselves. She is a champion for wellness.


Raphael Malbrue is a doctor of veterinary medicine and director of the large animal medicine and surgery department. Raphael initiated a wellness committee in our department, communicates regularly with staff on wellness opportunities and encourages wellness by planning outside of work social events, so we all can have fun together. Raphael is a great wellness role model.