What if I need technical support?

Our experienced IT staff is here to assist you in getting connected with our CE offerings. If you enroll in a course that involves web conferencing or you will be completing your course at work, please contact us in advance so we can eliminate any potential issues that would prevent you from participating in web conferencing activities. The College of Nursing IT department can be reached by by e-mail at con-informationtechnology@osu.edu.

Is my payment secure?

Our on-line payment system is contracted to CyberSource, a leader in credit card payment systems. CyberSource is PCI compliant and is the preferred credit card payment processor at The Ohio State University due to their strong security history. The College of Nursing IT staff may be able to help with on-line payment issues and can be reached at con-informationtechnology@osu.edu.

Can I pay with a purchase order (PO)?

Purchase Orders and Internal Transfers may be possible. Please contact AcCELL in advance by e-mail at accell@osu.edu to process your transaction.

What are my next steps after registration and payment?

Once you have registered and paid for an online course and gotten confirmation emails for each of these steps, you will receive an enrollment key via email to use on the AcCELL online course website. Confirmation of payment may take a few business days.Contact AcCELL directly at accell@osu.edu if you have not received the enrollment key after that time. Enroll in the course and complete the needed components for your course in the stated timeframe.

If I lose my certificate, am I able to obtain a replacement?

An administrative fee of $25.00 will be charged for replacement certificates. Records are kept for six years in accordance with the Ohio Nurses Association 2012-2013 Provider Manual. Contact AcCELL directly at accell@osu.edu.