PhD Student Funding

The College of Nursing is committed to provide funding opportunities for our PhD students. Some available funding options include University and Enrichment Fellowships, as well as funding from the federal government Our students have been successful at obtaining pre-doctoral individual Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (F31s) from the National Institute of Nursing Research for doctoral study. Other organizational and university or college funding for dissertation expenses is possible to obtain, and the college awards a number of student scholarships. Funding from various sources may be available for students if their research goals and objectives are a good fit for the source of funding.

  • Fellowships offered through the Graduate School
    • Faculty nominate eligible students for University and Enrichment Fellowships.
    • Visit the Graduate School website to learn more about the requirements.
    • If you are interested in being nominated for a Graduate School fellowship, please apply by December 15.
  • Nursing Faculty Loan Program (NFLP)

The NFLP is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and is designed to increase the number of nursing faculty across the country. If you intend on working as a full-time faculty member at an accredited college or university after graduation, this program provides loan principle and interest forgiveness benefits of up to 85%. As a student enrolled in a doctoral program at the College of Nursing, you can apply for loans up to $35,500 annually for a maximum of five years. If you are a current student and interested in applying for these funds, please complete this application and return it to Megan Alexander at